1. Experience Jerusalem Right Here In Denver, Co

    Experience Jerusalem right here in Denver, Co with Jerusalem Restaurant. We are a traditional Middle Eastern restaurant that is prepared to make you fall in love with the culture and the food of Jerusalem. Our small Denver restaurant is the perfect glimpse into the culture and lifestyle that is Jerusalem. With fabric covered walls and ceiling, the environment is both cozy and inviting. When you ar…Read More

  2. Sticking To Your Diet Is Easy At Jerusalem Restaurant

    Sticking to your diet is easy when you eat at Jerusalem Restaurant, because we specialize in natural, preservative free foods! This means that not only will be getting the best, freshest, most natural food available when you eat with us, you also get a number of dietary options that are perfect for any allergy, diet, and preference. So what do we have? Well, we’ve got: Vegetarian options- Hummus…Read More

  3. A Middle Eastern Restaurant That Stands Above The Rest

    When it comes to eating at the best Middle Eastern restaurant, Jerusalem Restaurant stands above the rest! We have been serving the Denver, CO community delicious Middle Eastern cuisine for the past 37 years, and have awards upon awards to show just how delicious our food is. As a company we have been named: The Best Middle Eastern Restaurant by Zagat, Westword, 5280 Top of the Town, Local Eats, C…Read More

  4. The Real Denver Attraction

    Visiting Denver can be a real blast! There are so many different sites to see and places to visit, but no trip to Denver would be complete without a stop to Jerusalem Restaurant! Our Denver Middle Eastern restaurant is the perfect place to experience robust Middle Eastern flavors and authentic Mediterranean culture. With authentic foods from Ghanouj and Kifta to Ta’ouk and Graybah’s you will n…Read More