Experience Jerusalem right here in Denver, Co with Jerusalem Restaurant. We are a traditional Middle Eastern restaurant that is prepared to make you fall in love with the culture and the food of Jerusalem.

Our small Denver restaurant is the perfect glimpse into the culture and lifestyle that is Jerusalem. With fabric covered walls and ceiling, the environment is both cozy and inviting. When you arrive at Jerusalem Restaurant, you are greeted by the colors of the Middle East. Greens, golds, and red vibrate off the walls through our delicate tapestries and paintings. From there, once inside our Denver Middle Eastern Restaurant, you are greeted by Jerusalem Restaurant staff members who are ready to help you feel at home. With both indoor and outdoor covered seating the choice on where you feel best is yours to make!

But the best is yet to come, once you are seated in our traditional Middle Eastern restaurant, a world of food choices and options open up. From falafel and hummus to fried kibbeh and sandwiches, we have all the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delicacies you have come to know and love. Not to mention, all of our dishes are easily labeled with allergy warnings and dietary preferences so that you can enjoy your food, the company, and the environment, 100% worry-free.

So come to Denver Co and visit us today! If you don’t already love good, classic, Middle Eastern food, you will be sure to fall in love with it here.