Visiting Denver can be a real blast! There are so many different sites to see and places to visit, but no trip to Denver would be complete without a stop to Jerusalem Restaurant! Our Denver Middle Eastern restaurant is the perfect place to experience robust Middle Eastern flavors and authentic Mediterranean culture.

With authentic foods from Ghanouj and Kifta to Ta’ouk and Graybah’s you will never run out of new items to try. Which let’s face it, after passing 42 Starbucks and 18 Wendy’s, is often what we need after a long day in city full of duplicate things. Jerusalem Restaurant is also proud to say that not only do we provide food that excites the taste buds, but we also provide food that everyone can eat. Despite intolerances and personal preferences!

We know how hard it can be to find places to eat when you are gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free, nut free, and especially when you are vegan. With this in mind, the cooks the Jerusalem Restaurant, combined their skill and knowledge of traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, with the idea of providing food that is edible for people all across the allergen and preference scale. In turn creating the delicious cuisine we have to offer!

So, next time you are in Denver, stop in and enjoy the perfect, relaxing environment here at Jerusalem Restaurant. Our seating area is jam packed with authentic decorations and comfortable furniture that allows you to sit back relax, and take in the overwhelming experience that can be Denver Co.