1. Try Something New At Jerusalem Restaurant

    We know that at the end of a long day the last thing you want to do is think about what you are making for dinner. So what do you end up doing? The easiest and fastest alternative: fast food. However, if you are tired of eating the same greasy boring meals several times a week, then maybe it is time to try something new. Why not stop into Jerusalem Restaurant to give your palate a treat sometime s…Read More

  2. The Best Baklava You’ll Ever Taste

    It could be said that baklava is the treasure of the Mediterranean. After all, multiple countries and regions have been trying for centuries to take credit for this delicious dessert. However, over time as the bickering continued, baklava earned its name as a delicacy that united Mediterranean countries and is still associated with them today. A staple of the food and culture. As time went on, the…Read More