The Jerusalem Restaurant, Inc. legacy began in 1978. Founded by Said and Urayb Wahdan who immigrated from Jerusalem to the United State in an effort to live the American dream. In 1978, they arrived in Denver, Colorado saved money and opened Jerusalem Restaurant. They opened Jerusalem Restaurant, Inc. in an effort to bring the community together. The owners were committed to providing a positive influence in the communities where we live. Using traditional recipes that have been handed down through generations, the owners wanted to nourish the minds and souls of our community. Located near Denver University, Jerusalem Restaurant has been a popular late-night gathering venue for people of all different diverse backgrounds, from the intuit intellectual to free spirited rock star. Jerusalem Restaurant prides itself in providing healthy, nutritional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine in a relaxed, casual atmosphere with superior service. The owners dream was to provide a highly successful business in promoting health and friendliness. They wanted Jerusalem Restaurant to be a center staple for the customers to enjoy friendly company and feast on the robust flavors of the Mediterranean region. Jerusalem is sure to provide you with a cultural transportation back to the Middle East through a culinary transformative experience. Come enjoy the warmth and welcome that make Jerusalem Restaurant a unique Middle Eastern oasis in Colorado.

As the owners say,
Ahlan Wa Sahlan wa Shukran ~ Welcome And Thank You!

Jerusalem Restaurant